You should not miss the third HWSI book! +Beth Akerman did a great job and put together the work of 73 ladies, to support the "NOW Love Your Body Foundation". Take a look on it, you won't be desapointed!!

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The third How We See It book "How We See It…the nature of our worlds" is now available in two printed sizes on +Blurb Books.  The smaller print version is available at this link:
and the original larger version is available at:
The large version is also available in PDF and eBook format.
100% of the proceeds of all versions of the book go to the HWSI Charity, the NOW Love Your Body Foundation.  A 15% discount code of WESEE3 is also available. 
There is also a Charity Print Sale featuring 10 photographs and one artwork chosen by the 73 ladies involved in this project.  100% of the proceeds of the print sale will go to the HWSI Charity, and I am also donating the proceeds of any sale from my SmugMug galleries that uses the special coupon code HWSI3 for 20% off through June 30th. The coupon is valid for the HWSI Charity Print Sale Gallery and all my personal galleries.  The print sale can be accessed at:!i=2508115838&k=cjXzkKS

how we see it..our natural worlds

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