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I am very grateful to say that I have generated more revenue by selling prints this year than I have any other photographic venture, something very rare for photographers these days. I have been able to see many of my images selling as large as 40" x 60" on canvas and 30" x 45" on aluminum. If YOU would like to add some beautiful Pacific Northwest art to the walls of your home or office, please send me a message to see how I can help! I always provide discounts for purchases of 3 or more prints. Please have a look at and search for something amazing. If you are a photographer inspired by these images and want a perfect reason to travel to the Pacific Northwest to create some images like these for yourself, please have a look at the workshops that I offer at Thank you all for looking and for your support. To show my appreciation for those who share this post, I will be giving away a 24" x 36" print to one lucky person picked at random. Please +1 this image and leave a comment letting me know that you shared it to be considered for the free print giveaway that will take place on Saturday. Thanks again!!

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