Worth a try….

When we sat at dinner in a restaurant on the pier in Santa Cruz,I suddenly felt something on my foot, I saw that there was a window that was open. And there was this seagull standing. And do you know what he said to me?
He said: "Hey, you there, if you hand me some of your fish, then I will show you my butt, so you can do this silly #SeagullButtshot for
the NON-existing theme they do NOT call #SeagullButtSaturday , so you've NOT to mention this NOT at all One and only +Robin Griggs Wood and all her NONcurators and NONhonorary curators +Christin McLeod  +Sassi Sassmannshausen +Lauri Novak  +Richard Ball  +Craig Szymanski +Melissa Beagle  +Ellie Kennard and +Cora Triton , so You will NOT have any fun at all!!"
And what Did I answer? …. I will NOT tell you! ;o))

#sagullbutt #Seagullbuttshot #seagulls  

36 thoughts on “Worth a try….When we sat at dinner in a restaurant on the pier in Santa Cruz,I…”

  1. I am NOT really happy, that you have NOT had fun with my image and story! +Ellie Kennard this seagull really knocked on my foot! But at that time I had NO idea of this NONtheme with the seagulls … Hehe ;o)

  2. This seagull looks as if it might have known my seagull personally. Strange as it seems. I am thinking that your and my seagulls were on the same day or thereabouts. Very possible. Nope, had absolutely NO fun with this image and the idea of it knocking on your foot! +Ursula Klepper 

  3. +Ursula Klepper I did NOT look at your photo and did NOT read your story, but I NOTiced that others did so I will NOT copy their comments, but tell you how much I did or did NOT enjoy them both!!  LOL  such craziness….

  4. You are hilarious. Oh, how I wish I had the energy to come up with a witty response. BUTT, I do NOT. NOT tonight. :'( I will be posting my own #SeagullButtShot very soon, however – and then it is nighty night for me….more info in my post…. 😉

  5. +Pam Wolfe Haha! well I'm glad that you did NOT enjoyed them! Thanks for the funny comment! :o)
    +Christin McLeod Thank you so much dear for NOT comming up with a witty respons! :o) Hihi… it was worth, just watched your post!!

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