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  1. +Ursula Klepper HeHe! I see a lot of that in India too, and it seems that the urge to fling old keds onto overhead wires is quite universal! Wonderful capture, Ursula! Prost! :-)))

  2. I have never understood this. I heard that it marks the site of a drug deal but have never been sure if that is an urban myth or not. I suppose I could google it…

  3. Maybe it is that +Sam Breach I think it also has to do with love and shoe tree. I suppose it is different in each country. Have you googled?

  4. Thank you very much dear Ellie, I admit, I don't know why these shoes are hanging there in a good residential area from Hamburg, I guess the meanings are a little bit different in several  countries. +Ellie Kennard 

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