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  1. Believe it or not, dandelion seed heads (I think they are called 'clocks') are among my favourites, so I am so happy to see these! Lovely light on these, as Elizabeth said, dear Ursula.

  2. Very pretty! also a fellow dandelion seed lover. …and love dandelions too. Great shot Ursula.

  3. Now as I am allowed to speak again I want to give you all a huge thank you! +Małgorzata Fic dziękuję
     +J o s e p h D don't forget to blow on them after making a wish! ;o)
    +Elizabeth Lund I am so glad you like them! :o)
    +Ellie Kennard I believe it!! :o) and I didn't know you call them seed heads, we say "Pusteblume" -> that means "blowflower" I am glad I was able to make you feel happy!! xoxo
    +Darla Hueske Welcome to the dandelion seed / Pusteblumen – lovers circle!! :o) Thank you dear!
    +Rodolfo Seide Herzlichen Dank!!
    +RAMKUMAR RINWA Thank you very much for the feedback!
    +Konstantin Werner lutz Herzlichen Dank!

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