11 thoughts on “#wordlessonwednesday”

  1. I am glad you all liked it and enjoyed the fun with me!

    +Remo Primatesta  Hehe, hab es gerade noch geschafft! ;o)
    +April Hill Thank you! It was fun!
    +Mari Luukkonen Thank you very much!
    +Saji Saju Yes this is me during our holidays in October. This was in Morrow Bay. We had a lot of fun! :o)
    +Ellie Kennard Bernd took tis photo, I was trying to shoot something from that perspective and then the waves came, but I mad it without getting wet! :o)
    +Cheryl Cooper Thank you, yes it was fun!

  2. Hehe! yes I had a lot of fun running away from the waves! :o) Thank you! +Giselle Savoie also for all the plusses you visited my profile, that's very nice!! :o)

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