Come in and join me! Breakfast is waiting! :o)

Do you remember the crocusses I posted recently, the ones I called The Crocuss Kiss ( They now have opened their arms to give breakfast to the bees and joy to us! :o)

You can see more of my crocusses here:

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Breakfast for Bees

58 thoughts on “What about breakfast?”

  1. that's gorgeous – we've got crocus but no pollinating insects are flying about yet.

  2. Las abejas ya comienzan con su arduo y constante trabajo. Gran disparo y muy bella fotografía.
    Un saludo.

  3. Creo que es la flor del azafran.  Muy bella y apreciada especia. En cualquier caso la primavera ya está muy cerca .   :)))

  4. I have some of these come up in my garden and i didn't know what they were beside pretty ty

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