Week 4

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The Lights Pyramid

Yesterday I had to play in this church, and in front of the altar was this big Christmas tree full of lights!

So I thought it would be a good example for the assignment of Week 4 in the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers  – we shal play with Light
maybe not the best example for Light-Play but at least very lightfull! :o)

Maybe it fits for #sacredsunday   with +Charles Lupica  +Manfred Berndtgen  +Robyn Morrison  +Margaret Tompkins and +Sherrie von Sternberg +SacredSunday™ #breakfastartclub #light #christmastree  

Let the light shine on you

26 thoughts on “Week 4”

  1. Beautiful. It's like a gold waterfall of shimmery lights. Very nice example of our assignment for Light.

  2. +Celeste Odono Yes they always hang tons of lametta on the Christmas tree, and therefore he always sparkles like this! Thanks! :o)
    +Giselle Savoie Thank you so much!
    +Darla Hueske That's right, it really looks like a waterfall, because of the lametta reflects all the light! Thank you very much!
    +Alex Gollner Ja, das ist er, ich habe ihn nicht erwähnt, da ich mir nicht sicher war ob es erlaubt ist Bilder davon zu veröffentlichen…Psst, nicht verraten ;o) Danke!
    +Jacqueline Hodsdon And it was a delight to play in this beautiful surrounding! Thank you for stoping by!
    +Cheryl Cooper Yes, it is a really beautiful church, and many concerts take place there. Every Christmastime they put up such a big tinsel draped tree there! Thank you so much for your comment! :o)

  3. #PIF #MP What an incredible tree! I love that style of decoration – where the tinsels hang directly from the branches, it looks so magical. Thank you for sharing this beautiful giant with us!

  4. +Sam Breach I could not withstand not to photograph this wonderful tree and show to you all! So I am glad, that you like it! Thank you very much!! :o)

  5. Ich wollte gerade fragen ob es DIESE Kirche ist..
    Das letzte Mal habe ich sie noch vollkommen eingerüstet gesehen.
    Wonderful image +Ursula Broicher of a great christmas tree.

  6. Beautiful image in all respects. The golden tree is simple gorgeous with all the light falling down it.

  7. Now THAT is a Christmas tree!!  No doubt about the main character in this one :))

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