V I M from HQSP!

Reshared post from +Rinus Bakker

V I M from HQSP!

Due to congestion we quit doing +HQSPPromotion in the usual way, so no longer need to use #HQSPPromotion tag and name all curators.

The New HQSP!
We need your help for a fluent switch. Please to all who are involved in HQSP read careful, act according and spread the message.

Please leave a nice message especially a big hurrah for the new ones:+Vinod Krishnamoorthy +Emilie Smith +Ara MO and +Mathew Hanley 

And please share this message so everybody will know the new rules very soon!

Please do not forget to add the pages and the team, else we can not share your contributions.

How to share with HQSP:
Just tag your share with one and only one best suiting tag. Example: If you have a flower, decide if the floweriness #HQSPFlowers
 or the macro #HQSPMacro aspect is most important.
If you have a tree choose #HQSPlandscape  etc etc.

Here we go, choose carefully your tag and Hash tag and name according this list. Multiple HQSP tags will be disqualified.
#hqspbirds  curated by +HQSP Birds +Marina Versaci 
#hqspflowers  curated by +HQSP Flowers +Carina Marsh 
#hqspart  curated by +HQSP Art +Syuzanna Avetisyan 
#hqspviverememento  curated by +HQSP Vivere Memento +Alison Thurston 
#hqspcarpediem  curated by +HQSP Carpe Diem +you?
#hqspmusic  curated by +HQSPMusic +Bill Merrow +Alison Thurston 
#hqsplandscape  curated by +HQSP Landscape +Delcour Eric +Ara MO 
#hqspmacro  curated by +HQSP Macro +Vinod Krishnamoorthy +Mathew Hanley 
#hqspanimals  curated by +HQSP Animals +Joe Urbz +Marina Versaci 
#hqspnonnaturephotos  curated by +HQSP Non-Nature Photos +Bill Wood +Emilie Smith 
#hqspautumnshots  curated by +HQSP Autumn Shots +Delcour Eric +Carina Marsh 
#hqspphotographyacademy  curated by +HQSP Photography Academy by +Rinus Bakker 


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