Up in the tree we see you, blossom-babies,
All pink and white;
We think there must be fairies to protect you,
From frost and blight,
Until, some windy day, in drifts of petals,
You take your flight.

You'll fly away! But if we wait with patience,
Someday we'll find
Here, in your place, full-grown and ripe, the apples
You left behind-
A goodly gift indeed from blossom-babies,
To human-kind!

~ Cicely Mary Barker from her book called
"Flower Fairies: The Little Pink Book". ~

If you want to see more of my appleblossoms images go to: http://meinegartenbilder.blogspot.de/2014/04/der-apfelbaum.html

I also want to send some spring feelings to +Ellie Kennard because she had such a hard winter and to +Christin McLeod because I guess she is missing spring in California! :o)

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In between the Apple Blossom Fairies

11 thoughts on “The Song of the Apple Blossom Fairies”

  1. Aw, xoxo. It has gotten rather warn and summer like here for sure. The flower blossoms are all fading quickly. 🙂

  2. I am sure you have also beautiful blossoms! This is what I currently see when I look outside into my backyard: appletrees and Lilacs in blossom! +Christin McLeod xoxo

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