"Oh the prickly bush
Bears my heart full of sore
And if ever I get a way far of that bush
I'll never get caught any more."

from  The Prickly Bush  lyrics

This is NOT my toothbrush!  :o)) LOL
You can guess what it is!
Now the betting office is opened!

For the today mini theme: SOMETHING USED EVERY DAY
#macromonday +Macro Monday by +Kerry Murphy +Jennifer Eden +Kelli Seeger Kim
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12 thoughts on “THE PRICKLY BUSH"Oh the prickly bushBears my heart full of soreAnd if ever I…”

  1. Lovely image, +Ursula Klepper. It's the first I've seen from you since your name change so I had quite a startle for a moment, thinking, Wow, she looks just like… oh wait, that IS her!  😀  hehe

  2. Je ne sais si l'ont peut faire avec un simple appareil de photo de si belles photo j'adore ce que je voie la journée est belle mes on vu ce matin des merveilles

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