JanuaryToday I started a new Fotoproject twelve 2014. I will shoot the same location every month once. At the end of the year I will put them all together in a gif. Let’s see how it’s going to turn out.
This building is called Mausoleum and it is situated in the Cemetary Ohlsdorf in Hamburg. The statue in front of it is called “Fate”.


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32 thoughts on “The Mausoleum (1)”

  1. You have given me an idea for my home. I have to think of a good spot that will change…

  2. +Anthony DiMan It's very old and it is closed, I don't think it is confortable inside and it's in the cemetary …. But I know what you mean, somewhere else…….

  3. Great shot Ursula … I look forward to seeing the changes to this scene in 2014 🙂

  4. What a great idea. I can't wait to see the result. This looks like a really wonderful location for it, too.

  5. A great idea for a project! Are you going to use a tripod and a specially marked spot? 

  6. Great first shot in your yearly project.
    I really looking forward how that spot will change during the year

  7. +Christin McLeod You still have time to start such a project, January is not yet passed Christin!! :o) What about? It can be very thrilling! :o))
    Yes +Rachel Ferris  I will try to shoot from the exact location, I hope it will work!  I went from a big tree exactly 12 large steps that direction and put my tripod on the grass +Richard Ball and I will print this shot and take it with me and will try to position the tripod so, that the result will be the same. I didn't know how to mark it, since it is cemetary area…. and +Bette Kauffman I will take the same lense each time, but I guess I will use the aperture depending on the weather and light. I used iso 160, f 9, 18 mm and 1,125 sek in this shot….. and my fingers were totally frozen!! :o)

  8. +Ursula Klepper I don't know now that I'm in southern California. I fear all my photos would all essentially be the same! Hahaha. I will have to think on a location that has potential to change – I know it would be fun. And who knows! Maybe I'd discover more change than I think.

  9. +Christin McLeod Oh yes, you don't have much season changing there! Hmm, that is challenging to find something that changes from month to month maybe something that is going to be build somewhere around?

  10. Just an idea: Set a waymark in your Google Map with your smart phone. That should help to find the exact location again

  11. Thank you so much! +Ellie Kennard This is in the cemetary very close to my home, so I will find it again. And from this position there is a big tree behind me. And I stood with my back to the tree and looked straight to the building and then counted 12 big steps and put the tripod on the gras (snow). I'll see if it it may vary a few centimeters next time… :o)

  12. How it is done? There is an APP for it 😉
    Like nearly for everything in our modern times +Ursula Klepper and +Ellie Kennard 😉
    Not that I'm an app collector – i just got my iPhone recently – but  a friend of me had some great apps for photography and he'd told me about them.

    Here is an app for android which mark the waypoint and put it into GMapps

    And it allows to walk to the waypoint and show the distance to it again. 
    Might be that location service needs to be enabled.

    This one is for iPhone and it does a photo together with the waypoint  – those two are basic 

    and here an advanced one for 1.99$
    Hope one fits for you Ursula

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