The Mausoleum (4)


As you may remember, I started a new Fotoproject in January: "twelve 2014". I will shoot the same location every month once. At the end of the year I will put them all together in a gif. Let's see how it's going to turn out.
Here is my image for April. It's much more green inside and even a little bit of read … ;o)

You can see the whole "twelve 2014" album here:

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The Mausoleum in April

22 thoughts on “The Mausoleum (4)”

  1. Thank you very much Mari! +Mari Luukkonen I had just set up my tripod and camera on it, than the bus just appeared, I am glad that i managed to find the position at least approximately! :o)

  2. It's really beginning to look green now, with all those leaves and that wonderful green grass! Our trees still look dead. Love the red, too. +Ursula Klepper

  3. I am so sorry you still have to wait for the spring green! Thank you for your lovely comment Ellie, I hope you are doing well again! Hugs!! +Ellie Kennard 

  4. I always feel better when I hear from my good friends Ursula! Thank you so much, my friend.

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