Here is my image for December. It is a little bit late, but by reason of the Holidays my time was limited. We had some snow only for one night. Next morning it started to melt and I went as soon as it was possible there but this is all that was left.

As you may remember, I started this photoproject in January: twelve 2014. I shot the same location every month once. Now the year is completed and I will put them all together in a gif next days. Let’s see how it’s going to turn out.


You can see the whole “twelve 2014” album here:

I’ve created from the same location also a series from another view, started in May, so I still have some month to shoot until the year is completed. You can see the whole “twelve 2014 – another view” album here:

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_The Mausoleum in December_

12 thoughts on “The Mausoleum (12)”

  1. Thank you so much! +Lauri Novak a most Happy New Year to you and yous as well! It was fun doing this project, I'm thinking about something similar maybe… :o)

  2. And this view is my favourite of the two, this month. Not sure why, but that was my first thought. Lovely dusting of sugar snow!

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