The Heart of Spring

Let it dance and sing

I wish you a lovely and happy weekend! :o)
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16 thoughts on “The Heart of Spring”

  1. Such delicate beauty, with that gorgeous light, too. This is very beautiful and warms the heart, my dear Ursula.
    Our snow is melting and we now have some crocuses where it has gone. 🙂
    +Ursula Klepper

  2. That makes me happy to read that it warmed your heart! +Ellie Kennard and I am glad that you get slowly rid of that snow! Crocuses in May! We had them in February… :o)

  3. 😉 Ursula.
    When I read +Steven Kennard​ your comment about how you had crocuses in February, he laughed and said 'hah! Ours are next year's crocuses!'
    You are ahead of us, but we still have all this beauty to look forward to! And then of course there's winter….
    +Ursula Klepper

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