Every year, when spring is coming I am so grateful! Although it happens every year, I experience every year once more how everything comes to life. And this is the most amazing thing that makes me feel like a little child who discovers the world! Every morning when outside the nature still can be covered by hoarfrost I am full of anticipation and joy to explore all that springs. Everything is fresh, the air, the green, the birds start singing and building their nests and everywhere it starts to be alive with insects. I love that the days get slowly longer, and it warms up slowly.There is no season in which as many trees and bushes bloom at the same time! Wherever you look you see colors and blooming. I reach the peak of the joifull delight when the lilac starts to bloom and his beguiling fragrance surrounds me. I would like to pause the time to keep it like this … and the only consolation that it will soon be over is that everything will be coming back next year!

I submitted this image to the #Spring2014Contest organized from +Colby Brown You can find here: http://www.colbybrownphotography.com/spring-2014-photography-contestgiveaway/  There are still a few days left to participate!

You can see more lilac images here: http://meinegartenbilder.blogspot.de/2014/05/flieder.html

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The fragrance of Lilac

45 thoughts on “The Fragrance of Lilac”

  1. love the composition and can just imagine how beautiful a scent it must have 🙂

  2. Oh, was für ein wunderschönes Foto. Herrliche Farben und der Duft…..ach nein, den habe ich mir eingebildet :-))

  3. My goodness, I just love the soft gentleness of your flower portraits. You make each photograph a special comment on the beauty of each species. I see lilacs as I have never seen them. Thank you for these, +Ursula Klepper – you  have a gift!

  4. +Ursula Klepper, you summed up exactly what I feel every spring! Spring is my favorite season of all. Beautiful flowers, everything coming back to life, baby geese and squirrels it's such a wonderful time of year. Your lilac shot is beautiful!!!

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