The Crocus Kiss

This morning it was a thin layer of hoarfrost on everything. But when you get close enough you can see that there are lots of tiny waterdrops all around. Even the kissing crocuses have one between them! ;o)

Have a wonderful weekend! :o)  <I have to work a lot>

Ich wünsche allen ein wunderschönes Wochenende! :o)
Hier könnt Ihr lesen wie dieses Bild entstanden ist:

It's friday again so this is for #floralfriday   +FloralFriday with thanks to +Tamara Pruessner +Beth Akerman +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson
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The crocus kiss

67 thoughts on “The Crocus Kiss”

  1. This is so lovely, Ursula! The combination of lilac and yellow-green is delightful, the focus and the sparkling bokeh… what a dreamy shot that is shouting out for Spring!

  2. Gorgeous! I used to live much further north and kind of miss the sense of hope about spring that the arrival of crocuses brings. 🙂
    This is soft and lovely. The lighting is beautiful and it gives me that same sense of giddiness I would experience. 🙂

  3. Liebe +Ursula Klepper ! Dein Foto wurde auf +Photo Mania Germany geteilt! Dort findest Du eine Auswahl der schönsten Aufnahmen deutscher und deutschsprachiger Fotografen. Schau doch mal vorbei – wir freuen uns über Deinen Besuch! 
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch und liebe Grüße von 
    Sandra Deichmann

  4. I was born in Germany, then moved to America when I was 15 years old. I still remember the beautiful meadows and wild flowers walking to school every morning, I really miss it so very much. Thanks!

  5. +Sam Breach Oh it's so nice to see you here! Thank you so much for this wonderful and encouraging comment, it means so much to me! I always have my colorwheele from the mentorship beside me…. :o) I hope you've doing good and I wish you a great weekend! Hugs!

  6. Oh! +Ellie Kennard are you telling me that you've going to come visit me with Joni?! Mira would love her! ;o) I guess you still have to wait some time until all the snow melts and the crocusses start to grow in your garden… Thank you my dear friend! xo

  7. Ha ha Ursula! A POPPY (flower, it is soon March…) not a puppy! But we would love to come to see you. More difficult with Joni, though.
    +Ursula Klepper 

  8. Ah! Ellie now you can see that I'm tired and should sleep ….. Had rehersal this evening and tomorrow and sunday concerts. :o) But I knew you would not take Joni on such a trip of course! ;o) +Ellie Kennard

  9. +Ursula Klepper in my neighborhood it's the daffodils that announce the coming of spring.  I'll try and get a shot for you this weekend!  They are lovely and popping up all over.  

  10. Simply stunning!

    Our crocuses have been going strong now for a week. The yellows and whites are first then the purples follow.

  11. +Heiko Mahr we wait impatient for the spring to come, since we don't really have winter…. Thank you my friend for your lovely comment! :o)

  12. +Eric Hunt Thank you very much! These little ones are the early blooming, they are more like wild growing, because they are smaller then the garden ones.

  13. Good Morning. Thank you for your response. I love all your pictures, so beautiful! 

  14. +Gabi Fischer Das freut mich sehr, dass es Dir so gut gefällt, es war auch ein zauberhafter Augenblick, den habe ich versucht einzufangen. Lieben Dank! :o)

  15. Das wünsche ich Dir auch! 
    Wer Musik liebt, sieht die Welt mit anderen Augen 🙂 +Ursula Klepper Hab dein schönes Selfie mit Violine gesehen, konnte es aber nicht kommentieren. 

  16. +Gabi Fischer ja das ist manchmal komisch, vom IPad aus hat es manchmal auch nicht geklappt, wenn ich aber dann direkt das Bild angeklickt habe, hat es dann doch geklappt. Ich habe da auch Kommentare bekommen, also irgend ein Türchen müssen die Leute gefunden haben……Aber freut mich, dass es Dir gefällt! :o) und danke nochmal!

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