22 thoughts on “T H R E A D — Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.~Lao…”

  1. Haha! +Christina Lihani please send me your mail adress (I mean it!) lets do kind of give away, because I have far tooo meny threads!! :o) some color options? …. Thank you for your refreshing comment!

  2. +Heiko Mahr Thank you dear friend! … please help my brain is caught a little bit between all these threads, what was earlier that week? what week do you mean? :o)

  3. +Ursula Klepper you are so very, very sweet!!! I adore you! I was being silly when I made my comment as I also have a lot of thread. A LOT. The sad thing is that I hardly sew anymore. I do have some things I want to alter but I can't get into the mood to sew.

  4. Hah.. aber fast 😉
    Bald ist es ein Jahr her das wir mit Gmapp angefangen haben.
    Wahnsinn, oder?

  5. Inimaginable ce qu'une grande photographe peut voir avec sa caméra est imaginée ces bonnes de toutes les couleurs ça fait un tableau d'un grand peindre Ursula Klepper

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