Strolling on the Beach

You can do NOThing about, if some(one) Butt's putt's himself into the center point! … and all you hear from him is:
"What du YOU want! I just stroll around, I'm a strolling actor BUTT!"
So don't be surprised about #strollingButts   on #SeagullButtSaturday   !! (even if it doesn't exist!)
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#beachsunday   +Beach Sunday by +Ross Campbell
#shorebirdsunday   by +Phil Armishaw
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#sunsetsaturday   by +Dennis Hoffbuhr
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#breakfastclub   +Breakfast Club by +Gemma Costa
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#californiadreamin   by +andi rivarola  +California Dreamin
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#PhotoManiaGermany   curated by +Nicole Gruber & +Sandra Deichmann & +Markus Landsmann & +dietmar rogacki, +Photo Mania Germany #Carlsbad #beachphotography #california #seagull

Carlsbad, CA

89 thoughts on “Strolling on the BeachYou can do NOThing about, if some(one) Butt's putt's…”

  1. This is such a beautiful shot! So beautiful I won't even mention the unmentionable that surely isn't even really there.

  2. Wonderfully beautiful beach shot, butt what are the smudges?  I can't tell if they are rocks or smudges or what, I really can't tell.  If there were such a thing as #seagullbuttsaturday , this definitely would be a great share.

  3. Glorious scene! Shame about the smudges. Maybe we can get a group discount on getting our cameras cleaned? 🙂

  4. Beautiful sunset, butt that must be a paid butt model… I'm mean, look at the high arrogant profile…. ;p

  5. +Ellie Kennard Dear Ellie!!! you never are unpolite!!! I simply missed your comment, I couldn't see it yesterday (I guess it's this G+mess!!) (I also missed the comment from Iren) Thank you dear friend and don't worry! I am really glad you love it!! ♥ :o)

  6. G+ is behaving so badly that my partner in the 365 project, Janet, has given up, I think. She is not very comfortable with computers and G+ although she has been on it for a couple of years now. But the latest issues are really causing her a headache and she is stressed out.
    +Ursula Klepper 

  7. +Ellie Kennard they also deleted a comment saying it is spam! and that comment contained the word:beautiful .So I rebuild that comment and then I saw your first comment…. Very strange. Butt now I am glad everything is cleared! :o)

  8. The last few days have been very cold but we are due for a nice warm up +Ursula Klepper. The snow is quickly melting and it's very sunny. Our city enjoys all four seasons and it's rare to have drastic weather that lasts more than a couple of days. 
    I hope it isn't too gloomy and wet there. I know how that chilly dampness can seem to seep in right to the bones.

  9. I always hear in the News about the polar cold in the USA +Christina Lihani  but it seems it does not hit you!? Today it is at least slightly brighter, so my mood brightens a bit. Stay warm! :o))

  10. Our weather was fairly mild +Ursula Klepper. We are outside the range for this frigid weather and I am glad. I was happy to read that your day was a bit brighter! (I love coming back and seeing this beautiful photo over and over again!)

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