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Last year in the springtime, after I finished my first Mentorship at the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers  with one of the most inspiring and talented women I got to know, +Robin Griggs Wood   I started to take my artwork and photography more seriously and started to see me as an artist more than I did before.
I knew +Sairam Sundaresan  has also participated in one of the GMAP leaded by Robin and when he announced in May last year that he will lead his own mentorship called Storytelling Landscape Photography I immediately felt great curiosity and interest. But I have expressed my concerns to Sairam because in fact I’m not a Landscape Photographer, but truly love Landscapes and nature. He has encouraged me with this words:
1) If you shoot landscapes, I’ll help you bring out the inner vision that you see them with. You already have the tools, you just don’t know you have them in you.
2) If you like shooting landscapes, then by the end, I will make you love shooting landscapes.
3) As far as time goes, I agree, it’s definitely a lot more time consuming than regular photography. But that said, the rewards are so much greater. But if you felt you could handle Robin’s mentorship, I can guarantee you can handle this!
:)Then I submitted! I had to give it a try because every day is a day that will never come again!
You can’t imagine how happy I was as I received a notification and the first thing I read was:  “You are receiving this message because you applied for the mentorship”
During the following 12 weeks we learned so many things about exposure, knowing ones histogram, composition, about all the different kinds of light, where to focus, how to use all these skills and finally using post processing to match our inner vision. I did things I never did before, for example stand up before sunrise to catch the various light starting 30 min. before the sun did rise (and the sun rises at that time of the year at 4:50 am!) It was challenging but I had much fun, as promised.
+Sairam Sundaresan  is such a wonderful teacher! He has given us his time and knowledge accompanied with offering feedback, encouraged and helped and always has been around with patience and kindness.
At his side he had this wonderful Visionary Crew to help him. And all participants were a wonderful bunch of people! So we had great conversations, lot of fun together and we have become friends.

I am so grateful and happy that Sairam persuaded me gentle to participate in this mentorship, forcing me to leave my comfort zone and to grow! Now when I photograph Landscapes it has reached a new level. When I walk through the nature I now look at everything with different eyes, I have much more understanding for the light and I’ve become a lot more demanding concerning how to compose my image in order to bring out my vision. I still have a long way in front of me and need to practice and learn a lot but I am now much more self-confidence that I can produce art pieces and I know much better what I want. I know my camera much better now and I have a better perception of what I want to achieve by processing my images. From now on I’ll never shoot any Landscapes without thinking of Sairam and everything he has taught us!
Sairam,  I thank you from my heart for all of the hard work you put into this most excellent program,  and for all that you have given me. You were right I now love shooting Landscapes!!

You can see in this album a few of my images that I shoot during the Mentorship program. The cover image is my graduation image with which I have completed this program.

I want to finish this post with a quote of Sairam that he allowed me to mention:
“If there’s anything you wish to do in life, do it now. There’re a ton of people who think, “Aah, I’ll do this when I’m forty, or when I retire”. You never know for sure what’s in store tomorrow, leave alone the next minute. You may never get this opportunity again. Live your dreams do the things you wish to do. Do them NOW.”

So if you want to improve your skills don’t hesitate to keep your eyes open for the Mentorship program announcements and submit for the next Storytelling Landscape Photography Mentorship with the unique +Sairam Sundaresan

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+G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers

In album GSCAPES –– Ursula Klepper

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  1. "every day is a day that will never come again!"

    Well said! What a great post and what wonderful images.

  2. This is a truly lovely collection, with a beautiful post and a wonderful ending to a terrific mentorship, +Ursula Klepper. Many many congratulations on completing this, +Ursula Klepper. It was an honour and a pleasure to be on this journey with you and to have got to know you much better, so that I know we will remain firm friends!

  3. +Sairam Sundaresan Master Yoda Sairam ! Thank you so much, I am thrilled for getting such praise from you! I would never have imagined a year ago at this time I would get this far and I am so happy about! Yes, onwards and upwards from now! Thank you for your constant inspiration! :o)

  4. +Ellie Kennard To me you're like a fountain that never runs dry  and never runs away! ;o)  You are always here with kind words, support and help and that is so fulfilling and gratifying! Thank you dear and firm friend! ♥ :o)

  5. No problem!  +Robin Griggs Wood  It's never too late!! …. Hehe, and I thought it was to late, that's why it got no share on the page… :o)  This is now again a double and all the more beautiful confirmation, that it was right to bring it to the end! Thank you so much!! :o)

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