17 thoughts on “Stand on the edge….Now that we have this #SeagullButtSaturday launched by +Robin…”

  1. If only I seen these great seagull shots yesterday….  I would have loved to have played.  Thanks for the smiles and wonderful capture dear Ursula!  🙂

  2. Oh, Ellie now I have a big smile on my face! this was just a joke Robin made, if you go to her stream you can find the post from Venice beach with the seagulls. Sorry I can't give you the URL, I'm on my IPad already in bed, have to sleep soon! Or you just give in the search: #seagullbuttsaturday and you find all the posts (also Robins-she started with this :o) +Ellie Kennard

  3. Oh! What fun! A specious seagull theme! Well I wasn't in on the fun myself but I'm sure I bagged a seagull butt on my travels. In bed now but right after I make my raw lime and coconut mini cheesecakes in the morning I will search the little beggar out. Not to be left entirely out of the party! (Might be out of focus but we won't care!) +Robin Griggs Wood and +Ursula Klepper 🙂

  4. When you are sitting down after making your omigosh-that-sounds-yummy goodies, +Ellie Kennard, click on the #SeagullButtSaturday tag and have a peruse. It was sort of an anything goes day .. ;oD. I'll not do the Saturday thing, but I will probably use my #SeagullButtShots tag myself from time to time, so feel free and give me a shout out, not as a theme, but just 'cuz you're fun, dear, and I also love to giggle all the time … :o)

  5. And it was / is yummy! And what fun I have just had by clicking on that tag!
    Careful, as a mention in the calendar will be enough to flood you with mentions and posts… if I were to go mad and include it. 🙂

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