Sittin’ in the evenin’ sun
We’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ come
Watching the Gulls roll in
And then watch ’em roll away again, yea

We’re sittin’ there on Venice Beach
Watching the Seagulls roll away
Ooo we’re just sittin’ there on Venice Beach
Wastin’ time …..

Lots of Butts on Venice Beach!
Do you remember +Robin Griggs Wood +Christin McLeod and +Sassi Sassmannshausen?
So I’ll just call all the other NON-curators to count the BUTTS
+Lauri Novak +Richard Ball +Craig Szymanski +Melissa Beagle +Ellie Kennard +Cora Triton +Steve Savoie +Pam Wolfe
+Joy mum +Jon Cassill +Tom McGowan +Annie Irving +Diana Boyd +Debby Moran +Alex Lapidus +Lou McCorkle +Rob Lopes +Kim Smith +Bette Kauffman +Liz C +Jacqueline Hodsdon +Darion Jackman +Steven Kennard +Sharon Stone +Kim Smith +Jean-Philippe Jouve +Dawn Siadatan +Jetski Jones +Sumit Sen +Jennifer Tackman +Joy mum

Happy #SeagullButtSaturday !!

#BTPLandscapePro   +BTP Landscape Pro +Nancy Dempsey +Rinus Bakker #breakfastclub   +Breakfast Club by +Gemma Costa  #californiadreamin by +andi rivarola +California Dreamin
#landscapephotography   +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show +Margaret Tompkins +Carra Riley +Jim Warthman +Kevin Rowe +Johan Peijnenburg +David Heath Williams +Tom Hierl +Carolyn Lim +Tom Sloan +Howard L. Smith +Kai Kosonen +Tony Heyward +Sheila B. DuBois +Sandra Brown +Vishal Kumar #sunsetsaturday   by +Dennis Hoffbuhr
#californiadreamin   by +andi rivarola +California Dreamin #venicebeach

Image by Bernd Zabel

42 thoughts on “Sittin’ in the evenin’ sun”

  1. You were lucky to catch seagulls because as far as I remember there are more butts than seagulls on Venice Beach!

    Great song and shot!

  2. What a fabulous, dare I say a b(ea)uttiful one, +Ursula Klepper – the lines and tones in this are just gorgeous. Forget the dirty bits in the front. The rest is spectacular.

  3. Three photographers all crouched down to get the perfect sea……and sunset shot. Not sure, butt I seem to have a rather odd song running around in my head.

  4. +Heiko Mahr Thank you so much! :o)

    +Ralf Leuschner Es gibt eigentlich noch schönere Strände entlang der Küste, aber es war eine schöne Stimmung an dem Abend …. Vielen Dank für Deinen Kommentar!

    +Christin McLeod Ohh!! That is something I will dream of until it will be reality!!! (you know we also have this plan with the Pink Lady outfit with Robin! ;o))) xoxo

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