This shot was made at Laguna Beach during our holidays along the California Coast last October. I didn't had just usual travel things in my suitcase on that journey, but also some precious skills, stuff I've learned during the Storytelling Landscape Photography Mentorship with +Sairam Sundaresan  wich is part of the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers. I was so excited to try out and implement everything I have learned. I love sunsets and on this journey we had lots of sunsets. Ans I know that Sairam also loves sunsets, so I will dedicate this shot to him!!
Today is the day to say #ThankYouSairam !! :o)

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43 thoughts on “Silhouettes”

  1. Oh this is so beautiful with those wonderful silhouettes +Ursula Klepper – the mentorship was all the more special to me because you were part of it, my friend.

  2. Oh dear Ellie you are such a sweetheart to say this! You are also a very special friend for me!! …. We could imagine we are all standing there together! :o) +Ellie Kennard 

  3. See, I just love seeing how someone else takes a scene and makes it their own. Had it been me behind the camera I would have wanted to bring out the shadows, etc – but this is definitely a better way for this image. Super stuff and humble to have got to know you better during SLP.

  4. Thank you very much! +Stuart Dyckhoff this different way to see things is really interesting! I wanted it exactly this way to look. :o) It was a nice experience to get to known you better as well!

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