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I'm an Arcanum Master now –– yeah! ( +The Arcanum ) –– and these days looking through applicants who want to grow as artists. I decided I wanted my introduction video to be more than just an "About me" thing, but something to reach farther and elevate others with. If you feel the same, spread the word about the myth of "talent" and let people know that ART and CREATIVITY is available to everyone who truly wants it. No one is left out.

"The Myth of Talent" and an introduction to Robin Griggs Wood

Here is my primary focus for my Arcanum Cohort:

– To help people overcome the myth of talent and bring back their greatest faculty for learning, the ability to play
– To help people overcome creative blocks
– To direct, foster and give a general kick in the arse to personal creativity. I challenge people with a caring and perceptive attitude
– To make certain that people know all the rules have all the tools of art fundamentals at their disposal

Here is the "tech" I know:

– Correct HDRI
– Vast and various methods of post-processing, Color and Black & White 
– Photoshop core basics. I rarely teach plug-ins because they are fickle, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy their use (and may ask you to impart your wisdom to the group, if you use them … ;o7)
– Drawing, sketching and painting … which I probably won't dive into too much with the general group unless a large number of people beg me .. ;op
– Creative post-processing
– How people learn
– How an artist becomes and remains an artist
– I could write more stuff here, but this is already a tome … ;oD

What the Arcanum is NOT:

– This is not a one-to-one mentoring situation, if that is what you signed up to the Arcanum for.
– This is not a curriculum-based program. Each of my Apprentices will be working along their own path with my guidance (and occasional arse-kicking … or did I mention that already … ;o7) and challenges geared towards pushing them on that path.

What the Arcanum is:

– A peer-to-peer learning situation where, by design, the entire group supports each other with guidance supplied by the Master.

About me:
I'm clever, sometimes funny; I'm firm but gentle in my arse-kicking (did I write that yet?); I've been helping people find their art for over 10 years.
I am not genre-specific (Landscape, Street, B&W, etc.), but I believe I have a bit of something to offer in many genre's. Except Portrait & Studio Photography; I still want to learn that (but I damn-well will, if you want to learn it, too! … ;o))

Enough about me … how about you?

If you're interested, let me know in the comments here if you want me to search for your application over at the Arcanum, … space is limited.

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