In album FLEXIBILITY – 1st Place

than with this overwhelming news that my image is one of the FIRST PLACE WINNERS!!?  No! believe me!!! I am so grateful for that!!
I am still speachless!!!
Photo by Ursula Klepper1st PLACE WINNER voted by Brian Hynes AND THE winner of the MeFoto Roadtrip Travel Tripod Kit!

You can see the second Price winners here:
And the Third Place Winners here:

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17 thoughts on “Is there a better way to start the day?”

  1. +Ellie Kennard Thank you so much dear friend! it is almost like surreal …. it is simply dreamlike! :o)

    +Dawn Carl Yes, yes, that is so amazing that Brian Hynes collected my image, and so I get this tripod!! …. a liitle more self-confidence would not be bad :o) Thank you again for your support!
    +Sonja Miller Williams Thank you very much!

  2. Thank you again dear Ellie! +Ellie Kennard I had also another image, maybe I post it soon, but then decided for this one, and it seams it was the right decision (Bernd helped me to decide) :o)

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