17 thoughts on “Relax”

  1. Now I know why you call this civilized +Ellie Kennard ! Just saw your post. We don't actually have snow :o( this image I took some time ago and only processed it lately for adding to calendars. I am glad you like it, thank you! I found out in the meantime that they took away this bench from that place. It is regrettable because it is a nice place to sit ….

  2. Such a shame that they took it away! So we must find another bench to sit on and chat when we meet up eventually. Perhaps that one by the beach?

  3. Don't worry +Ellie Kennard this is in this very big and old cemetery and there are a lot of nice places to sit and chat, the other bench on the beach is more far away as it is in Danemark.

  4. Herzlichen Dank! +Heiko Mahr Ich habe das schon vor einiger Zeit fotografiert aber jetzt erst bearbeitet, und die Bank wurde leider inzwischen von dem Platz entfernt…

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