It is such an honor to have been selected by the moderators of this community for the 2rd place in the February Capture Your Reality Self Portrait Challenge!

I am a beginner in doing selfys, this was the second one I ever did!! So I am very happy for this selection!

The room where I do my practicing is very small and I had to rearrange nothing, because that's the way I practice, with a mirror in front to control my attitude.
I have a mirror on each side and after some trials with shooting to one of the mirrors, it didn't work, because I always had the camera in front of me and it was seen in the image. I did not have the space to put it far enough away so it would not be seen, so I put the tripod behind me (we stood back to back) and the camera captured through one mirror the image of me in the other mirror.

On the right side you can see a window and the sun was shining inside, so it was bright enough, but I had some disturbing shadows on my hand. So I decided to hang in front of it some white silk scarves to make the light softer. It was a little bit challenging to find the right position inside the mirror, also a pleasing expression on my face, because I had only 10 seconds until the self-timer made the "click", so I had to do several trying. I also wanted that my hand will be seen blurred in front, like a frame, because it was cut out from the mirror frame.
I did a little bit cropping and some processing in Lightroom 5.
I hope you enjoyed it! :o)
Thank you again!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! +Lotus Carroll practicing is not always fun, most of the time it is hard and exhausting and brings pain in my back … :o) but the result is worth all the pain!

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