Week 5   +Robin Griggs Wood 


Maybe you noticed that I wasn’t around here lately so much. I spend some more time in the +The Arcanum  in +Robin Griggs Wood  ’s wonderful cohort together with a bunch of very nice people. We are learning a lot, have homework to do and lot of interaction to help each other.  And one of the things I am practicing now is to do composites. It is so much fun, even if my time limit is often outrun. And not only time but also my comfort zone is exceeded, because I have to find my way through all those layers and masks, but Robin always tells us that the word comfort isn’t among others a synonym for success, so only hard work brings progress and let you get ahead.
I hope I will be soon able to post again more and to be more active here!

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  1. Wonderful to hear that you are having fun and this is great, +Ursula Klepper 
    I have to say that I am missing everyone. It's not the same without you all. I look forward to seeing you back again sometime when you can. In the meantime learn well, you have excellent teachers. 😀

  2. Yes everything is great, thank you! +Lou McCorkle … I konw and I am missing you also and I've already asked +Christina Lihani for a time app, she is working on, so I can gain some dayly time and be able to do more things every day! ;o)

  3. Wow..Sounds like a lot of fun and learning ! Good for you, +Ursula Klepper . Look forward to seeing all the composites that you come up with .

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