Week 6  +Robin Griggs Wood 

Another buzzy week has passed since I joined the +The Arcanum  and our beloved master +Robin Griggs Wood  has her hands full with all of us. It is so much learning and I guess we all struggle with lack of time.
… well this week was so exciting! My youngest daughter is preparing to leave home! She will start to study in a university in another town (about 250miles from ours). So we drove there last Saturday to inspect an apartment where she will live together with a collegian she met in a Facebook group. We did this on one day and I used my time during the car drive doing guess what?? :o) …… reading in my big Photoshop Elements book and learning!! (Hopefully I will be able to remember some of what I’ve read!)   … I don’t know what is more exciting, the fact that she is moving away in 2 weeks or the adventure here… I guess both, so you may imagine maybe a little that I really am jazzed.

For me it is a indescribable adventure because I’ve started to explore the Photoshop mountains and woods, (maybe you’ve heard of this region). It is a region full of different paths where you can get lost for hours, not to say for days. And I don’t always find the right button to finish before I go astray, but there is always help from my fellow apprentices and the loving help that comes from +Robin Griggs Wood  is incredible!

I shot these anemones at the end of such a full day, during the sun set and played a little with different processings.

#floralfriday   +FloralFriday with thanks to +Tamara Pruessner +Beth Akerman +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson
#breakfastclub   +Breakfast Club with thanks to +Gemma Costa  #monochromeworld   +Monochrome World by +andi rivarola

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  1. Mal die Herbstanemonen so ganz anders präsentiert – cool, sag ich dazu. Das Lichtspiel gefällt mir.

  2. This has beautiful light and I love the way you have toned it.
    I'm so glad your daughter is safely settled in her new apartment. That is exciting for both of you.
    Lovely image, +Ursula Klepper

  3. +Justine King It's always fun playing in process, Thank you so much! We still have her removal to manage and I guess I will be a little bit relaxter when she finally settled down there and found some new friends.

  4. This is a wonderful shot, Ursula…Love the light .

    I am excited for both you and your daughter. All the best wishes. 🙂 

  5. Gerade gehts mir wunderbar – trotz Dauerregen.. Komm gerade aus dem Urlaub zurück und hab wieder Internet nach fast 3 Wochen ohne.. Ich hoffe Dir gehts auch gut!

  6. Wie schön! +Heiko Mahr Mir geht es soweit gut, ich habe sehr viel zu tun und bin auch noch in Robins cohorte im Arcanum und das heißt auch viel Arbeit …

  7. Ich bin gespannt auf Deine neuen Bilder. Das Arcanum ist für mich gerade zuviel, ich versuch gerade das Leben, Arbeit und Fotografie an sich zu balancieren..

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