Plus Post WEEK 12      #GScapes #GscapesAud  

Something I wanted to create definitely before the end of the year:
To finish this mentorship! Storytelling Landscape Photography  with +Sairam Sundaresan 

My graduation image and Final Plus Post

After all we have learned in this 12 weeks Program I had my bag full of knowledge which I have acquired during this time! I was excited to accomplish my masterpiece, but I have also put myself under massive pressure. I couldn’t finish in time before our holiday trip to USA. So I thought what can happen to me better, than a trip to a country with so many outstanding landscapes, after this Storytelling Landscape Photography time. I was sure that I will find the perfect landscape to accomplish my masterpiece. And so it was! Now my only challenge was to decide which one to choose! I can tell you, that was a challenge and I'm still not sure which image I like best, because I love them all!! So I decided finally for this one, not because it is spectacular, but because I tried something I am completely unfamiliar with, doing a long exposure shot. At that day we had a ride north from Cayucos along the Pacific Highway in California to watch the elephant seals. We spend a nice day along the coast and then stopped on our way back at this beach, because I planned to shoot a sunset with rocks in my composition. I managed a couple of very nice shots, but finally after the sun has set, it was a magical mood in the way the water of the waves flowed again and again over the rocks. So I decided to try long exposure. After a couple trying, I succeeded this one.  It has actually been the last try and the only one with this lonely seagull standing there. I was so happy about it!
It was the end of a wonderful day, so this image is for the end of this wonderful mentorship, at the end of this Year!
+Sairam Sundaresan  you have been always caring and supporting, you give all you knowledge to us. You are the one who've convinced me to take part in it and that’s why I thank you from my heart!!
And thank you all fellow mentees and Visionary Crew for the supporting, cheering, laughing and hold together!
The Storytelling Landscape Photography  is part of the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers  directed by +Robin Griggs Wood  , +Tamara Pruessner  and +Ron Clifford 
Check out the page, if you want to be mentored or want to mentor others, you will not be disappointed!
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  1. I just LOVE this image +Ursula Klepper – and even more now that I hear the full story behind it. And congratulations on your graduation, too! An excellent end to an excellent journey. And a great way of beginning the next ones!

  2. +Ellie Kennard Oh I am so excited, that I finaly managed it! Thank you so much for your support and constant cheering!! I am so glad you love my image!! :o)

  3. Lovely image and congratulations on completing your mentorship, Ursula!

    If today were Saturday, this would also have been appropriate for a certain non-theme that some insist tagging as #seagullbuttsaturday  😉

  4. +Ugo Cei Thank you very much! … and LOL about the certain tagging! :o) maybe I should share after a certain time with this nontheme… ;o)

  5. +Iren Wut Ja, das ist wirklich so, dem Zauber verfall ich auch immer wieder aufs Neue! Danke für den lieben Kommentar! :o) Frohes neues Jahr!
    +Remo Primatesta Nachdem die Sonne untergegangen war konnte ich diesem sanften Licht auch nicht wiederstehen, vielen Dank für den Kommentar! Guten Rutsch!

  6. +Iren Wut das beste was man tun kann!! :o)
    +Lou McCorkle I am happy too and think often back to this wonderful trip! Thank you dear Lou!! :o)
    +Ralf Leuschner Herzlichen Dank! … nur zur Beruhigung, ca 20 m weiter links war eine ganze Horde von Möwen versammelt, er ist mir einfach ins Bild gehüpft ;o)

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