Now that the reveals are completed I wanted to share my whole album for the  *2015 – 15TH ROUND* of the Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt!!!

18 thoughts on “My album for the  *2015…”

  1. I always love your images ! You have such a wonderful talent to show beautiful things in such a unique way. 

  2. These are really lovely, +Ursula Klepper and show your fantastic imagination. Love them all, glad to hear that you weren't going to eat the ladybird. And sailing away would be good if you decided to sail across the ocean here!

  3. Thank you so much dear Ellie! You are always so encouraging, I appreciate it very much! Hehe! yes that would be a wonderful thing to sail straight to you If we just keep dreaming of it, it will happen! :o) ♥ +Ellie Kennard 

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