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Our inner universe

You can stare forever at the diamond black sky,
You can think you know everything there is to know,
And then there is more,
The greatest universe to conquer,
Is not in the blue glowing heavens,
That spills over into golden lights,
That shine beyond time,
Then they drift farther away,
And the universe expands,
The greatest universe to conquer,
Is in our own minds,
Thought are tools that kill and heal,
If we reach deep within ourselves,
We will see that the meaning of life,
Is trying to find meaning in life,
Dreams are ships that take us where we need to go,
As they sail the waters of Our Inner Universe.

Colleen Anne Carroll

I am now a  small moon orbiting around  +Robin Griggs Wood in her  universe …… :o) …… since I've taken part at the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers 


#abstractarteveryday #10000photographersaroundtheworld   by +Robert SKREINER  & +Nikola Nikolski +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS around the World  #AbstractsInNature   by +Beth Akerman #allthingsorange   by +Nina Piccoli  +Kenneth Williams  and +Lauren Kelly  +AllThingsOrange #breakfastartclub   by +Gemma Costa #hqspmacro     +Vinod Krishnamoorthy  +Rinus Bakker  +Vishal Kumar  +HQSP Macro #hqspcarpediem   curated by +Alison Thurston  +HQSP Carpe Diem #plusphotoextract #macrophotography #universe #NatureArtThursday   with thanks to +Trisha Standard  and +Dane Clingan  +NatureArtThursday #TheMagicOfLight   +The Magic of Light  with  +Ray Bilcliff 

25 thoughts on “Our inner universeYou can stare forever at the diamond black sky,You can think you…”

  1. Was it difficult +Ursula Broicher. I found just finding a glass dish that was clear and without something stamped on it was the worst part.
    Setting up the shot was difficult for me. 

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