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On the Waves of Life

_The waves are going up and down;
sometimes the little ship is down, sometimes on top;
That's the way it goes, we've all been there._

~ Wilhelm Busch ~

Have a wonderful weekend!
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more drops can be seen here:
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It is friday and you have been warned! +Robin Griggs Wood ;o) …… so I share this image to #macrofeatherfriday with thanks to you +Robin Griggs Wood and  +E.E. Giorgi
#macro4all with thanks to +Walter Soestbergen +Macro4All
#hqspmacro with thanks to +Vinod Krishnamoorthy +Rinus Bakker +Vishal Kumar +HQSP Macro  maybe it fits also for #pinkcircle   +Pink Circle with thanks to the lovely ladies +lane langmade and  +Cheryl Cooper #10000photographersaroundtheworld with thanks to +Robert SKREINER +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS 
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  1. So soft and nice, Urula 😉  Your feather and water drop pictures are rivaling, Robin's.

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