23 thoughts on “OctoberThe Mausoleum  ”

  1. It seems like it was only a short while ago that you started this project but really, a lot of time has passed.

  2. a more subdued light, i like it, do you try to get the same time of day, and the framing is great.

  3. Sorry +Christina Lihani I missed your comment! …. Yes the time is running and it is running even more with each year that passes….

  4. I remember this project (with the alternate views) and thought only the other day that I should start one, on January 1. Yours was so successful and I learned a lot, especially in the planning. 😉

  5. In fact you can start whenever you like +Ellie Kennard you only have to go through 12 month and shoot at approx the same timeframe from one month to another. When you have them completed you can pic the January to be the first. ?

  6. That's very true. Thanks for that reminder. I will see what I can do to get started. Great idea, Ursula.

  7. Should have started this afternoon, as the light was spectacular, but a farmer neighbour put out a call for anyone to come and pick any tiny tomatoes they wanted, for free (glean) so I went and got three huge bags full instead. I didn't make a dent in the number there were, so I might go back tomorrow once I have frozen these. I think most people don't like to do any work to get their food.;-)

  8. Tomatoes are delicious and there will be other days with spectacular light! I pick also almost every day some from my homegrown tomatoes. Yummy!! +Ellie Kennard 

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