Now that the 2014 SUMMER SENSATIONAL Scavenger HUNT ended I want to show you my five submissions to this Hunt!
Enjoy! :o)
If you would like to join this adventure don’t miss the next sign up on october 2. – See all the details here:

18 thoughts on “Now that the 2014 SUMMER SENSATIONAL Scavenger HUNT ended I want to show you my five…”

  1. Yes it's always so fun watching all the wonderful images of the hunt +Darcee McCutcheon Thank you very much!

    +Ellie Kennard Thank you dear friend! No I will not do the next one, it's to much because until the end of the year I have much more concerts and also other work plus the Arcanum. I actually did not want to do the summer one also but Saji has signed up for me, so I didn't wanted to take a space somebody else could have had without submitting at least one image. Then Chrysta did a one week extension, so I managed to bring out these five. But I didn't really had the energy to concentrate on it, so I had lack of creativity and as you can see I didn't got even a honourable mention… well I was spoiled by the first hunt … :o)

    +Brian Grzelewski Thank you very much! I whish you good luck for diong the next one!

  2. Well I think you did a great job in getting these ones out. I did it once myself, but don't do it any more either. It's great to see others having fun with it, but even commenting on all the work of others is practically a full time job, to do it properly I discovered.
    Enjoy the autumn, +Ursula Klepper
    Soon it's the monthly picture of the mausoleum time again as I think that was almost the last I saw of yours apart from the 'time goes by' one before this. I'm looking forward to seeing that.

  3. Hello +Ursula Klepper . I tried commenting on the pictures individually two times, earlier and now but Google plus keeps giving me the error message. I love your entire album. You did a fabulous job even with such a busy schedule. Love them all., especially your city ! 🙂 

  4. Hello! +Saji Saju oh I am sorry you lost your time with trying to comment and Google wouldn't let you!! Thank you so much for your great feedback on my scavenger album!! :o)

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