Not my image !  This is +Cheryl Cooper  's flowerdream.
Do you know her? She is one of the kindest person I know here on G+  she is full of love and she does such great work! Go visit her and circle her, if you have not done it yet!!

Reshared post from +Cheryl Cooper

pieces of 3 of my photos mashed together
This is my out take of what I started for textured feathers today.
The textured one is the photo on my page before this one.
It was fun to create I felt like I was doing a movie mashup.

2 feather photos and one flower photo hope your day is beautiful!


Sending this one out to #floralfriday  with +Tamara Pruessner 

4 thoughts on “Not my image !  This is +Cheryl Cooper  's flowerdream.”

  1. Oh +Ursula Broicher what a wonderful gift you are!!
    I got all mushy reading your comment and share.
    Thank you so very much for all of this and for being such a ray of sunshine! You are the best and I just want to hug you!

  2. You sweet mushy Coop! You reap what you sow! I am just a granule of your sowing! Thank you and big hug goes to you back!! ♥

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