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so many sorrows
for so many years
bent by the weight
of her burden of tears

We women have certain chemicals in our systems that can make us cry at the drop of a hat (or the destruction of our favorite shoes, if you prefer a less hackneyed phrase.) It’s not that men don’t feel or cry, it’s just that we gals are wired to shed tears for even the littlest things. I sometimes get teary writing heartfelt posts (excuse me a minute while I dry my keyboard off … )

So when a kid gets rescued finally on the news, the dog returns after four hours missing, those heirloom rose cuttings from grandma pop out with their first blooms, or we take 400 shots and we’re not happy with a dang one, we tear up.

Add to those the genuine woes that make us bawl in earnest –– and force us to keep tissue boxes in almost every room of the house (not to mention the various nooks and crannies of our pockets, pouches, packs and sacks) –– and you have one fairly damp existence.

So here’s to the ladies who cry.
I, for one, wouldn’t take back a moment of it. … :o)


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