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New Year Feather-Pearl

Let the Light come in!

During Week 4 in the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers with +Robin Griggs Wood we should play with Light.

This is also a contribution for #featherfriday with the wonderful ladies +Robin Griggs Wood and +E.E. Giorgi
#plusphotoextract #breakfastclub #macro4all #abstractarteveryday #macrophotography #featherphotography #waterdrops  

Whish you all a Happy New Jear!

#GMAPP3    #GMAPP3auditing

Feather light Dance

32 thoughts on “New Year Feather-PearlLet the Light come in!During Week 4 in the +G+ Mentorship Program…”

  1. oh I think I am in love.. totally and completely.. this capture ROCKS.. big time..

  2. +Cheryl Cooper Thank you so much!  – lovely new profile photo together with Monk! ;o) Hehe…did you get a new job?
    +Giselle Savoie Thank you very much, dear!
    +Natosha Davis I am really glad, you like it! thank you!
    +Sonja Miller Williams Nice New Jear – profile pic! :o) ready for the party? Thank you for your kind words and Happy New Year!
    +Manijeh Kiana Many thanks!
    +Bette Kauffman Yes, don't we sometimes need some Lush? ;o) I needed a little color, outside it is so gray… Thank you!
    +Hope OHara Oh! your comment is really staggeringly! Thank you so much!
    +Alex Gollner Das freut mich natürlich sehr!! Vielen Dank! :o)
    +Remo Primatesta Vielen Dank! Ich habe zum ersten Mal den zu Weihnachten bekommenen Umkehrring ausprobiert! :o)

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