This is for you +Ellie Kennard and +Steven Kennard so you can see Mira’s blue ball! She loves it especially because there are always some treats hidden inside. :o)


8 thoughts on “Mira and her blue ball”

  1. If you get a treat ball +Ellie Kennard make sure it's one the dog has to work the treats out. I gave my lab Tonka one, and he figured out if he threw it especially hard the treats would magically fall out…. Lol!

  2. +Rachel Ferris Thank you! ….btw.. Mira rolls the ball in front of her snout and sometimes a little peace comes out! :o)

    +Steven Kennard Thank you! and she is also very kind and friendly, she can't get enough frondle even from strangers. :o)

    +Suhaib Ayaz Yes she is happy with her ball, thank you very much! :o)

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