The Mausoleum
…. Another view… for the same project to shoot the same location every month once. (  I started this in May and at the end of one year I will put them all together in a gif. Let’s see how it’s going to turn out.
This building is called Mausoleum and it is situated in the Cemetary Ohlsdorf in Hamburg.

You can see the whole album here:

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_The Mausoleum in November_

15 thoughts on “November”

  1. hi Ursula,
    a really good picture, I see the water is running more freely
    and all the green stuff is gone :-)) the setting sun looks really good.

  2. +Prem Kumar Gutty Many thanks!

    +William Walker Thank you very much! … I hope you won't be dissapointed when I tell you that there is no running water, it's a really small pond and also it was shot in the late afternoon, the sun is that low in November. :o)

  3. Well I had another look at it today to work out why it immediately struck me when I first saw it, my dear Ursula. And I knew at once (again). It was the light. The different qualities of light. There is a cool light in the foreground, but a lovely delicate warmth in the glow of the golden leaves. This scattered tracery of leaves on the left, on the right and in the middle behind the mausoleum has a lightness about it that draws me and makes me feel good. I can't explain better than that. +Ursula Klepper  

  4. You explainde it very well and it makes a lot of sence what you say. +Ellie Kennard  I guess it is the only one from the series that I shot during the morning and not the evening. Thank you for taking the time to look again and give such in detail feedback! xoxo

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