Here is my image for May. It is sooo much more green in the meantime! As I choosed this view in January I was looking forward to the May, because now all the really high Rhododendron bushes are in bloom. If you take a look to the images from the previous months you can see them around the Mausoleum. But unfortunatly now they can’t be seen because of the trees in the foreground!  :o( … purple blooming Rhododendron …

As you may remember, I started this photoproject in January: “twelve 2014”. I will shoot the same location every month once. At the end of the year I will put them all together in a gif. Let’s see how it’s going to turn out.


You can see the whole “twelve 2014” album here:


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The Mausoleum in May

20 thoughts on “The Mausoleum in May”

  1. This is going to be a great series Ursula with great explosions of difference between some months 🙂

  2. Thank you Richard! I thing at least the green explosion has taken place and I am afraid there will not be to much difference the next months …. I should have chosen a better place. +Richard Ball

  3. It'll still be a very interesting progression Ursula and we'll all learn form watching.

  4. This is a lovely location and actually we have all learned from what you said. If I did such a project now, I would (hopefully) remember to check for greenery that might grow up to obstruct the views of things I might want to feature later in the year. Nice shot anyway, +Ursula Klepper

  5. +Christin McLeod I was a little bit dissapointed when I got there yesterday and saw how everything was overgrown and I couldn't see the blooming Rhododendrons alongside the Mausoleum. But I am sure you would love all the places in this area and I would love to walk with you through them and show you all! :o)

    +Ellie Kennard I am glad that at least there is something to learn from it! :o) I guess until the fall there will not be much changes here. So I walked yesterday around that little pond on the left side (in this image it can't be seen at all!) and I found out that I could have a much more beautiful view and wondered why did I not walk in January around the pond?? ….  And I shot a few from that side and like them a lot so I will start to shoot also from that place every month to see how the changes will be there.

  6. Hehe +Ellie Kennard ok I will do but I guess I have to go there tomorow and redo the shot because I've noticed to late that I forgot to change the iso so it was put to 1250 from yesterday when I tried to shoot birds … :o) and now it has noise

  7. I hate it when that happens, +Ursula Klepper! (If I took images with my camera at an ISO that high I doubt you would be able to see the birds through the noise! LOL. I need a better camera than I have to be able to do that. :D)

  8. I would absolutely love that, +Ursula Klepper. I've always wanted to visit Germany because of my family heritage, but now I have a real incentive to come – to see you! I am officially putting out there to make it happen. 🙂

  9. Lol! +Ellie Kennard the birds are so noisy that you can't see them through! :o) I couldn't yet redo the shot because I need the sun for it and we have actualy more then 30° C during the day but in the evening there are lots of clouds and  I need the sun for that shot! :o)

  10. Yes yes yes!! +Christin McLeod  That's a fantastic plan! and you can stay here at our place and we can do a lot of things together and I show you everything you like!!   …. clapping hands and hopsing happily around in expectation that Christin will come!

    P.s. 'putting out there' means you will save money? I couldn't find a suitable translation …

  11. Oh, by 'putting it out there' I mean that I am setting an intention to make the trip happen. I'm not quite in a position to financially start saving as I'm working on paying off my debt, but I'm setting it up in my mind now and will work toward the end goal. 😀 Did that make better sense? I hope. 🙂

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