Still waiting for white Christmas!How about you? … Nom, nom, nom…

Die Ergebnisse der lustigen Weihnachtsbäckerei… ;o)


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23 thoughts on “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!”

  1. Sweet Sunds stopped over a year ago, Ursula, but I'd be more than happy to munch on these …looks so yummy and lovely bokeh!

  2. Oh this is so cute and festive and yummy looking +Ursula Klepper we had our snow and now it is gone, otherwise I would be happy to ship you some 😛
    I will wish snow for you for Christmas my friend!

  3. We've got close to 100 cm in the last seven days and only require half that much for my winter activities. I am unable to deliver, but you are free to help yourself to all you want.
     Great image too, I really like the bokeh.

  4. Hier kein Flöckchen am Himmel zu sehen…weiße Weihnacht wäre ein Traum ! …und wird wohl einer bleiben …schade !

  5. We had a lot of snow last week, but so far this week the weather is more like spring (60 degrees F). I might need to photoshop my white Christmas.

    I hope your Christmas is beautiful and that you are surrounded by the people you love +Ursula Klepper !

  6. +Stephen R. Thank you very much for you kind words, I'm looking forward to your photoshoped white christmas pic! :o) Happy Holidays! I will for shure be surrounded by people I love!

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