efix”>+Lee Daniels  has lost her battle with cancer…… :o(
You will remain Forever in our hearts Lee!


Reshared post from +Lee Daniels


8 thoughts on “+Lee Daniels  has lost her battle with cancer”

  1. The world becomes just a bit more blind, when the light of someone with sight is dimmed. Loved her flowers.

  2. So soft, so beautiful. I have been having a very hard time being online today because of this sad news. I was not as close to Lee as some, but I cared about her and I loved her gentle spirit. And her untimely death reminds me once again to really hug the ones I love.
    Hugging you +Ursula Klepper.

  3. Warm hugs back to you  +Christina Lihani  You are so right, we often forget this…. Thank you!
    I also wasn't as close to Lee, more a marginal observer and could always see that she is a very special persone.

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