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January 2014 Contributors Circle

 What an amazing month. The quality of the work shared has been exceptional, at least in my view. You do quality photography and it shows. In terms of contribution numbers it was humongous, and in terms of contributors, we beat all records. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work. 

Re-share this circle if you can. It helps YOU and the theme to grow.

Please remember to include in your posts, both the page and tag: +Monochrome World  #monochromeworld  This makes it easier to find your post. 

Also, all those included in this circle added the theme page to their circles. If you don't do that, I can't add you to the Contributors Circle.

1- please share your images posted to Public. If you post to communities, only community members can comment.
2- So, my recommendation is this: post to Public first, then re-port to your favorite community.
3- And, if you post to Extended Circles, your reach is limited and it makes difficult to re-share. So, it's been a rule for a long time: Extended Circles only-posts are not re-shared.

Hope this helps clarify some issues. Thank you for your patience, and if I missed you in this circle, please let me know so I can pay more attention to your posts.

Curator: +andi rivarola 

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