It's Me! 


You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.
~Denis Waitley

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24 thoughts on “It's Me! ”

  1. Kennst du das?
    Maiden Name by Philip Larkin
    Marrying left yor maiden name disused. 
    Its five light sounds no longer mean your face, 
    Your voice, and all your variants of grace; 
    For since you were so thankfully confused 
    By law with someone else, you cannot be 
    Semantically the same as that young beauty: 
    It was of her that these two words were used. 

    Now it's a phrase applicable to no one, 
    Lying just where you left it, scattered through 
    Old lists, old programmes, a school prize or two, 
    Packets of letters tied with tartan ribbon – 
    Then is it secentless, weightless, strengthless wholly 
    Untruthful? Try whispering it slowly. 
    No, it means you. Or, since your past and gone, 

    It means what we feel now about you then: 
    How beautiful you were, and near, and young, 
    So vivid, you might still be there among 
    Those first few days, unfingermarked again. 
    So your old name shelters our faithfulness, 
    Instead of losing shape and meaning less 
    With your depreciating luggage laiden.

  2. Das dacht ich mir… aber es erinnerte mich trotzdem an das Gedicht. Hast du doch etwas altbekanntes, viellleicht vor langer Zeit abgelegtes wieder angenommen und bleibst doch die alte.

  3. This was inside an elevator on the ferry, I run back with my camera and was glad to be there alone, driving up and down…. Thank you for your kind comment! +Andreas Levi 

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