This is one of the numerous parkways in the largest park cemetery of the world, situated in Hamburg. Under old trees you can walk and feel the calmness and peace you may miss in your life sometimes. I took this shot two years ago in May, when all the Rhododendron bushes are in full bloom. I thought this might be perfect for #MyBeautifulEarth .

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Cemetery Ohlsdorf, Hamburg Germany

34 thoughts on “In the midst of silence”

  1. A beautiful image, showing what a wonderful place our earth is. It is lovely, Ursula.

  2. I love this place Ellie and I can hardly wait until the Rhododendron are going to bloom this year. Can you imagine, the whole cemetery is full of them, they are a few meter high! Thank you kindly for your comment! Hugs! +Ellie Kennard

  3. Thank you very much! +Alex Lapidus Now if I tell you that I made this photo by standing upright, I guess it is not low angle? But these bushes are a few meter high, so you can imagine how small people must be next to them!

  4. Ja das ist er wirklich! +Siri Sieber da gibt es so viele schöne Ecken, der Friedhof ist ja riesig und uralt. Ich habe noch lange nicht alles erkundet. Lieben Dank für's vorbei schauen! :o)

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