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I need your opinion please !

My doughter plans to take part in a language course in Los Angeles or Miami. Do you know anything about these organisations: EF Education, Kaplan, or TravelWorks?
Some opinions, experiences, advices or suggestions are much appreciated, or do you know something else much better?
Thanks a lot!! :o)

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  1. I don't know anything about those organizations, but East Coast vs West Coast big difference.  She might should look into that. Miami is calmer for me. That is my southern Eastern Coast feelings. I love San Diego on the west coast , LA really BIG!

  2. They are both big cities, but I would not want to live in California again. I don't know exactly, but I think the cost of living is higher in Los Angeles. Miami also has the benefit of lots of different cultures in the area, lots of history.  If it were me, I would choose Miami, but I don't know what other factors your daughter may be researching.

    The name "Kaplan" sounds familiar, but I don't know about the programs.

    Do any of the programs give your daughter the opportunity to talk to previous participants?

  3. I also have some friends who are in education fields, I have asked them if they know the programs too.

  4. I traveled to Germany as a teenager with the EF Foundation.
    I remember it as being pretty well run. They got a group of teenagers and a couple chaperones through a trans-atlantic flight, 4 countries, and back without any major hiccups.

  5. +Jennifer E Thank you very much for the feedback! Miami was booked out and the one she found in San Diego is quite expensive. She has not yet decided.

    +Laura Smith She could travel with the EF to San Diego but it is very expensive, she has to find out if she gets enough money together. Thank you very much for the informations!

  6. I have family in San Diego – is your daughter choosing between San Diego and Los Angeles? I think San Diego is a better choice than Los Angeles, but I understand how important finances are.

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