Now, can someone please explain to me what this means? is it a pronunciacion that I don’t know? shouldn’t that mean
I love it HERE ….?

Do you have a favorite place, a place where you love to be?


47 thoughts on “I LOVE IT HEAR!”

  1. It could be they want everyone to hear and see they love it, or like me it is their second language and got the wrong word!  Gorgeous shot!

  2. But we have come to expect it nowadays, you will often see spelling of the past tense of 'to lead' spelled 'lead', when it should be 'led'. That particular one drives me crazy when I read it everywhere.

  3. Oh that are some good points +Ellie Kennard and +Richard Ball I knew it is always good to ask you! The funny thing is that I didn't even notice that the world should be another, until I finished processing the image…lol!

  4. +Richard Ball​ u r sew rite, sadly 4 us. Or 4 me. _nashes teef_ . and the language is the poorer for it. Meanings are easily lost or confounded.

  5. I have actually listened to complete conversations built upon misunderstandings due to the misuse of the language – tenses, word meanings etc. Wars could be started thus. +Richard Ball
    Guard your language with a passion, Ursula, don't let them kill it the way they have ours. On the other hand, Richard, reading Bill Bryson's book 'Mother Tongue' has done much to keep me sane. And I highly recommend his Dictionary for Writers and Editors. But I am a bit odd, so I should slink back to my cave, probably, before I scare people. ?

  6. Ha ha Google translate made a mess of that for me! It says you understand a bite of German.

  7. Thanks for the book suggestion +Ellie Kennard, it sounds like something I should read.
    My wife just  read a sentence from Poe's House of Usher reminding me how well a good writer can use the language.

  8. +Richard Ball and +Bette Kauffman​ and, yes, +Ursula Klepper ​if you want, read this single paragraph. Someone sent it to me after reading my Tout Compris piece, which I believe he enjoyed. There is hope after all:
    Try here

    If that doesn't get you to a page that begins with the words "Past the
    flannel plains", then go to Amazon, search for "The Pale King", open
    it, click the "Look Inside" button, and page through all the front
    matter to the first page of the book. Read the first paragraph.

    Richard I have to say that I could not have a book of Edgar Allan Poe with the cover facing upward next to my bed when I was around 21 as it gave me nightmares, so beautifully and terrifyingly was it written.

  9. Yes, all mine including the spelling mistake. In my head it is pronounced "bischen" but I was sloppy and spelt it that way and didn't "see" that bissen was wrong. +Ursula Klepper 

  10. And it begins to look as if my answer to Ursula's question of where I love to be might be ’in a dictionary' lol!

  11. covers two likes with one word…….the sound of the ocean (hear) and the beauty if the beach (here)….either way….i would like to there right now….

  12. Nice link +Ellie Kennard, that is a beautifully evocative bit of prose. One of the first books I bought when I first got into graduate school was a Poe omnibus so I could (re)read all of his works at my leisure 🙂

  13. Goodnight dear +Ursula Klepper​ and also +Richard Ball
    Thank you both for indulging me in my passion.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it, Richard. My friend here on G+, Lynn David Newton sent me that link as he told me that 'the overall impact' of my piece of writing reminded him of it. I blush to say it. ?

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