I have to share tis wonderful post +Sam Breach wrote about the Scavenger Hunt hosted by +Chrysta Rae.
If you don't know +Sam Breach yet! go visit her profile! you will be amazed by her talent and creativity! and you will not have any other choise than to circle her!!

Reshared post from +Sam Breach

Sharing my 2013 Summer Scavenger Hunt Album in its entirety.
Yesterday concluded the 2013 Summer Scavenger Hunt hosted by the inimitable +Chrysta Rae which I really enjoyed  taking part in. I made myself a few personal rules this time around:
1) No selfies.
2) Beauty over humour, keep nurturing your style.
3) Try to create art pieces
4) Every image must include a portrait
5) Every picture should tell a clear story
6) Only enter the categories you have time to do properly.
I got closer to achieving these goals than I have done in any prior hunt and so even though I entered only 5/10, I was fairly satisfied with each one. Quality over quantity seemed to work for me better as  signalled by the judges who blew me away by collectively awarding me a total 7 first places, 3 second places 3 third places and 5 honourable mentions. Not only that, +Chris Chabot  honoured me with a covetable   Judges Choice  award  whether he liked it or not 😀
Huge thanks to him and to all the other judges too, +Alan Shapiro  +Barry Blanchard  +Derek Kind  +Jacob Lucas  and +dene' miles. We really appreciate the time you put in to making this such a fun event for us all, truly.
Not least, thanks to +Chrysta Rae  who does so much hard work to make this all happen, again and again. If you want to enter the next round, the sign ups are this coming Saturday and the spots will fill super fast. (Looking at you  +Melissa Bagley  😉 I have pasted the details from Chrysta's post below.

Saturday, September 21
12 noon MOUNTAIN time zone.
Sign ups are as simple as watching +Chrysta Rae's  stream, at exactly noon when the sign-up post will go up, and you have to just type in the two magic words (I'm in). And voila – you're entered!
First 500 players signed up are in!
Spots go pretty fast, so it's a good idea to set your timer.

Everyone of EVERY level of photography is encouraged to participate. 
(from iphone shots to professional cameras)
Beginners will find themselves encouraged and supported by people they look up to in our photography world,
and at the exact same time, heavy-hitters will be pushed to create something even more fantastic than they could have hoped for!
There is a community that will be opened to just the participants entered where encouragement, friendships, support, etc are found.
Questions on anything from aperture settings to a recommended lens will be answered.  

This is an OUTSTANDING group of people and an amazing little community of like-minded people who are passionate about photography and creating some fun pictures you might never think to take without this excuse! Plus we all just like to gab!

We love new players, and we love to see growth happen in front of our eyes. If you've watched winner posts and think you are not on the same level, take a look deeper. 
We ALL start. We ALL learn. And we are ALL encouraged by peers that are technically more advanced, or think so far out the box it excites you to push harder the next round. 
You compete against yourself – the main idea of the whole process. Try to wow YOU.  
It's all for fun – maybe it's for building your portfolio, maybe it's just finding a reason to pick up your camera. 

And I guarantee it's a safe place where you can feel encouraged to ask questions, learn a few new skills, and to meet new amazing people and do what it is we are here to do – be social!
So, if that sounds like something you may wanna try – COME SIGN UP!!

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