I am thankful to be part of this great circle by +Robert SKREINER!!

Reshared post from +Robert SKREINER

New Circle Q-Z "10000 Photographers around the world"
(The circles are sorted alphabetically by first name!)
*All members of the group 10000 Photographers around the World* 
are now asked to share this brand new Photographer – Circles!
See also the page +10000 Photographers around the World 
and the daily photo theme:
#10000photographersaroundtheworld  by +Robert SKREINER 

Important: Those, who do not share this circles public, will not be included in the next circle round! It's that simple! And that's only fair! Because if you want to be recommended, you should continue to do so for the other members.

If you want also to become a member of Group "10.000 Photographers around the World" , please add the G+Page +10000 Photographers around the World   and the administrator +Robert SKREINER  to your circles and share this circle public! Then give +1 and post here for adding!

See the wonderful Group-List +10000 Photographers around the World here:

If you are a photographer and you are already in the circles of +Robert SKREINER and +Robert SKREINER – PHOTOGRAPHY  , but not in the group and not in the circles, so please post also here! 


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